Doing it for the kids

If I can share one iota of the excitement that I have for color, kids of all ages will be inspired to learn the grammar of color.

Just as in music, there are scales and harmonies that are absolute. Prior to classes with Dick Nelson, I would intuit a color grabbing the next can of paint based on a feel. However, coming to learn that there are absolutes in art, in the why colors work or don’t work together,  my eyes have opened in ways I never could have imagined.

People learn when they are excited and having fun.

A Color Box is going to revolutionize how people see color. Starting with kids, by going around to schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and community centers, I’ll share A Color Box and teach the grammar of color. Along with the experiential room, I will have a complete curriculum complete with color paper swatches that kids will use to learn:

  • how to create arrays of color
  • how to deduce what primary colors make up any color
  • how to create luminosity by combining colors, in short how certain colors vibrate and are beautiful with eachother
  • how color is relative, the concept of simultaneous contrast
  • definitions of toning, tinting and shading

A Color Box is not just about making something for SOURCE. It is a movement to re-enlighten people to see beauty in art and in the world. I am craving to express beauty in the most simple concepts– flat color swatches that vibrate simply because of their context.

When I would drive away from classes with Dick Nelson, the world would be vibrating. The yellow lines on the road would marvel my eyes standing in contrast to the grey of the cement. The greens of the trees, bushes and grass would reveal themselves for their vastness.

Ultimately I would love to bring A Color Box to nursing homes, to prisons, to corporations, to tribes, to communities to further an appreciation for color.


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