A color circle?

Wow, I may have had one of the funnest nights on Maui on Saturday at SOURCE. But I’ll have to write about that later.

The festival opened on Friday in the rain. As I set up A Color Box for the first time, I was confronted with a couple of unforeseen isssues. For one, the rain. (Suffice to say, I suspect water bubbles on the screen and the Wii receiver create some interference.) Another, the ambitious nature of this project.

By Saturday, A Color Box was ready for viewing– special thanks to Chris Taylor, John Carty, Larry Norris, Eleeza and Tanya for helping construct the piece. I am just returned and am starting to download some video. In short, I will say the project was a success– it was thrilling and inspiring for me. The responses from so many had the intended affect of astonishment. I’ll share soon.

I was quickly inspired to expand on the project. The ideas were numerous. Once again the concept of bringing in the psychology of color was brought up. My neighbor in the camp happened to be a color psychologist.

And then, upon returning home, I received this on my facebook wall from Robin. A huge cylinder of color, a huge oval that one stands inside that covers the complete color spectrum… and yet, what if it was interactive?

I’m inspired.


One Response to A color circle?

  1. rita says:

    am looking forward to seeing the interactive version!

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