Content 2010: Complementary Colors

This post will address both the controllers and one of the new content pieces.

Right now, as posted before, the controller is a stuffed Lion. Little guy- whose third eye is an LED infrared light. He is always on. For the box, I’d like to have 6 controllers– 6 little stuffed animals– that only are on when they are squeezed. So, a person squeezes the toy and the action on the screen is activated. Essentially, the stuffed lion is the mouse used by a person to control the screen– just like you do on a computer (except no click).

One of the content pieces that will shine on all walls is a set of Complementary Colors. The background will be one color and the rectangle in the middle will be its complementary color. When the mouse moves, the colors will change but the rectangle will always be the complement of the background.


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