Benefactors (Art Angels)

Benefactor for A Color Box 2010

Many thanks for your continued support:

Millard and Bonnie Mott
Dick Nelson
Chris Gordon
Any Markham
Linda Centkowski

Benefactors 2009
Many Mahalos to those of you making A Color Box possible through your financial contributions. Your support is felt far beyond the dollar amount, and the cash is truly necessary. I express my gratitude.

Thank you:

Amanda Wilson
Chris and Colette Gordon
Andy Markham

Yelyzaveta Shablovska
Terrin Smith
Adi Taylor
Ben Smith
Mabel Smith
Bill Smith
Nadine Keller
Joel Berman
Bonnie and Millard Mott
Marc Turtletaub
Maureen Curran

Mollie and Sean Morrison
Richard and Ellie Nelson
Dan Shikiar
Yolanda Pelayo
Peter Bailey
Annamaria Smith
Linda Centkowski
Christine Turnbull
David Smith
Gary Lin
Maude Smith
Derek Monteverdi

To add your name to the list of benefactors and for more information visit
With questions or feedback email


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