Art Show Saturday March 21: The Netherlands

March 13, 2009

I posted a short video of Cudra and Ben discovering A Color Box at SOURCE:

I owe you all a huge report on the successes and challenges of this project AND I’ve launched to Amsterdam to see family and share my art.

Please join me in Holland (hmmm, late notice, but maybe you know someone here?) for a one day preview of new artwork. The six pieces that I have brought from Maui are all artist proofs of upcoming limited editions.

I also have with me the technology to set up A Color Box technology on the wall as an interactive whiteboard.

Gabriel Mott Art Show: March 21, 2009 Amsterdam

We’re hosting a casual art viewing that integrates with a conversation on the climate of consciousness– call it my brother’s passion of entrepreneurship– if he was in Maui, we’d call it a Franklin.

I’m thrilled to be here. Home of one of my favorite artists (Van Gogh) and inspiration for the Cherish Tree (Almond Blossom).